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Guide d’aide au montage de projets européens

How to avoid common errors identified in cost claims

Grants Manual - Section on: Proposal submission and evaluation


EU – Algeria R&I Cooperation

AGREEMENT between the European Union and the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria on scientific and technological cooperation

le nouveau programme cadre européen 2014-2020 pour la recherche et l’innovation

Montage et gestion de projets Horizon 2020

How to participate?

Why participate?

List of countries, and applicable rules for funding

The European Union's programme for Research and Innovation

Les enjeux et défis d’une participation Algérienne au programme H2020

Strategic Programme Overarching Document

Présentation sur le protail de participants

Présentation Générale

Régles de financement dans le H2020

1The need to integrate the Social Sciences and Humanities with Science and Engineering in Horizon 2020 and beyond

Funding of applicants from non -EU countries & international organisations